Wednesday, March 26, 2008

has not been attempted previously

Since packing up all our worldly possessions and moving away from our family and friends, I've decided to set up shop to keep everyone (i.e. grandparents) abreast of the latest and greatest in our comings and goings.

Since we've been here - I can't believe it's been three weeks already - we've taken many a photo, and since I've finally gotten around to loading the whole lot onto the computer, I thought we'd better get started without delay. There's plenty, so we'll be playing catch-up for a bit. Consider it a March Madness of sorts - but in our own little world.


Rochelle said...

Mrs. Moncur,
Good morning! Aloha Kakahiaka! My name is Rochelle. I'm not sure if your husband Ryan has mentioned anything about his co-workers, but I am one of them. I just wanted to tell you that I also have a daughter that is two and a half years old who would probably enjoy hanging out with your young one. My second daughter, one year old, would also love to play. Unfortunately, I am still struggling with time management in which I pretty much have no time for anything because of my mommy responsibilities. BUT, I hope to meet you one day and have our children play together in the sun. I think it would be great for the girls.

Take Care!

ALoha A Hui Hou! (Until next time!)

AKA Victoria and Leksi's mom.

Caroline said...

Rochelle - I would love to get our girls together! I'll see if I can't get your contact information out of Ryan so we can plan a time.