Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the month in 60 seconds or less

March 8 - Am I crazy? This picture looks like a paparazzi shot. Ava has eschewed current "it" bag in favor of Curious George.
March 8 - Ava is coming around to the beach idea. We are now able to set her down.

March 10 - Ava shocks us all by being able to do this on her own.

March 12 - There was a wave advisory in effect so we drove up to the North Shore to check out the 16 (or so) ft. swells.

March 15 - It's hot.

March 21 - I'm off to get a badly needed haircut.

March 23 - Ava managed to sneak into my eyeliner. Pretty good placement for someone who's not yet two.

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