Friday, May 23, 2008

too good to be true

After spending over two hours at our closing yesterday, we are still not finished. It seems there was a problem with some of the paperwork since we are doing sort of a screwy deal (due in large part to the ever uncooperative VA), and some of the numbers were recorded incorrectly. We also learned that we would have to come up with some extra money for closing costs that we weren't aware of (due in large part to our own naivety and a rather large oversight on the part of our loan officer). So, now we still have some papers to sign and a check to write, but we're trying to get it all done before Ryan leaves for work in two hours as he'll be working all night and heading straight to the airport after work in the morning. I've yet, however, to hear from our agent giving me the details of when and where this is all to take place.

The good(ish) news is that since we are coming up on a long weekend, the deal won't fund until Wednesday, which means we can't move in until then anyway. This means that Ryan will not be able to get out of helping to move our stuff over there. Also the company who has been storing the bulk of our belongings is booked solid through the second week in June, which means we can't get any of our household items until then anyhow. We're going to tough it out in the condo regardless. We won't have any towels or dishes, but we did have the forsight to bring an air mattress with us - so we'll see how that goes. It'll be sort of like camping...but not as fun.

We had the unfortunate job of informing Ava that despite our wishes, she would not be sleeping in her own bed for yet another two weeks. Doesn't she look dismayed?


A said...

Poor Ava! By the time her bed comes home, she will be too grown up to sleep in it!

Caroline said...

I know...I've been thinking we should have just gotten rid of her crib before moving and bought a twin sized bed for her when we arrived. In fact, now that I mention it, there is plenty of stuff I'm thinking we should have gotten rid of before we moved as we'll have little to no storage space in the condo.