Tuesday, May 6, 2008

where have we been?

I was a bit startled to receive a concerned email today from Ryan's mother kindly asking whether I was okay since my last post concerning an earache had not been followed up, and it's been days since I wrote about anything. I hadn't realized it had actually been that long since my last post. I certainly wish I could use my ear troubles as an excuse, but a quick trip to the doctor cleared that up, and since then we've just had nothing really to report. What have we been up to lately, you may ask...well, mainly only taking photos that chronical our daily outfits (something I find great pleasure in). Here's some of the good work:

Just think, in as little as a five years we could be looking back at these photos with horror, exclaiming, "I can't believe that outfit was seen in public!" - something my parents are probably already saying. Then in another ten to twenty years we could be wearing the same outfits again. Oh, how I love to hate the cyclical nature of fashion.

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