Saturday, June 28, 2008

flavors of honolulu

After spending all evening yesterday and all day today listening to the live music going on down the street we decided we'd better head over to experience it in person. Flavors of Honolulu, held each summer, is a fundraiser for Abilities Unlimited which works with people with disabilities. There was a lot going on including the aforementioned live music, kiddie rides, and a lot of food from local restaurants.


Grandma Grandma said...

What a fun place to be, great food, entertainment, fun rides(for Ava)lots of grass time - How fun!

A said...

Paula keeps saying that there is something about Ava that looks like her mom, as well as her dad. (Of course, she says there is something about Sid that looks like his dad.) I am supposed to go home tonight and look through all our old photos because Paula thinks we have one of Carrie that looks like the "attitude" photo. I think that it is obvious that Ava is a little Ryan Jr., and if I can't find any such photo, you should try again for a Carrie Jr. so you will have a full set. Come on, it would be so cool to have one of each.

Caroline said...

I'm with you mom. Cheryl already said she had a photo of Ryan looking just like Ava does in the "attitude" shot. If you really do have one of me, I'd like to see it next to the one of Ryan so we can compare. Although I'm not with you on the whole "set" idea.

As to Sid, I have a photo of him looking very much like one of Robert's kids. So perhaps Paula meant to say that there was something about him that looked like her grandchild.