Friday, June 20, 2008

look mom!

Some time ago my mother gave me an overwhelming amount of mostly vintage fabric that I think she feared would sit unused in piles around my home. Largely that is what's happened with the bulk of it, though I have used some bits and pieces for various small projects.

This dress however, was made from a piece she gave me that I believe to have been an extremely large and/or long wrap skirt from Mexico (please correct me if I'm wrong, mother dear). I actually made the dress sometime last year, but didn't get to wear it through the Utah winter. It's perfect, however, for Hawaii's climate so out it came! More good news: we have absolutely no room for storing unused fabric any longer, so I'm busy planning and preparing to use it all (you know, to make things we don't have room to store).

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A said...

Yes, it was--unfortunately--an extremely large wrap skirt.