Wednesday, June 25, 2008

what is the nature of your business?

Perhaps you'll remember the post back in March where I mentioned that our condo would be close to this flashy looking joint. We've been joking about stopping in for quite some time now, but since moving closer to it we'd been noticing signs of it being an actual restaurant rather than a cocktail bar (as the sign would have you believe). Last night we decided to take the leap, and it turns out it is a regular diner style restaurant.

There were sticky vinyl booths, a lovely pinky/purpley/brownish color scheme, and huge servings that look like this - for a kid's sized portion:

And if you are wondering about Ava's face, sadly it is not the reflection from the aforementioned pinky/purple colors surrounding us that are making it look that way (though I'm sure they don't help). She was burnt to a crisp at the beach yesterday.

After filling our bellies we decided to walk around a bit. We headed down to the Ward Warehouse which is a shopping center a few blocks away. At one end they have an open area with steps all around (ala Trolley Square for Utahns looking for a visual) and a stage set up in front. We were fortunate enough to stumble upon a group of mostly seniors learning (and then performing) different line dances!

Ava loves music and dancing so we stayed and watched for a bit. One very nice fellow kept waving at us to join in, and after they were done he came over to tell us that they get together every Tuesday night. Apparently it's free and open to anyone who wants to get their line dance on! That just made my night.

Also, apologies for the poor picture quality, but it was getting dark and I didn't want to blind any dancing seniors with the use of my flash. I'm sure you can imagine the catastrophic consequences.

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Grandma Grandma said...

Now I know where I will be on Tuesday nights, Wow what fun, Ava and I can go, Yahoo