Saturday, June 14, 2008

why did we pack winter hats?

The great thing about going so long without all of Ava's toys is that now that they're here she's been really content to play with them on her own while Ryan and I are sorting out the rest of the house. Yesterday while we were busy unpacking boxes (that's right, there are still many more boxes that have yet to be unpacked), I noticed it was a little too quiet for my liking. I went to explore, and this is what I found:


pcso lotto said...

Your blog is very creative, when people read this it widens our imaginations.

Grandpa and Grandma M said...

Wonderful! Just add a little water and some soap and you'll have a perfectly clean happy kid!

Love you Ava!

Grandpa M

Grandma Grandma said...

Darling picture of Ava in the bathtub, how priceless, and no less with a winter hat.