Friday, July 11, 2008

I've always wanted to be painfully hip

Thanks to the uber hip twins behind the (oh so rightly named) Painfully Hip for featuring yours truly as a Thrift Star of the Day. This is one of my favorite fashion blogs and a daily read for me. Plus they always feature the most amazing and covetable it's a huge deal. I'm ever so flattered that the outfit pictured here caught their attention! You can see the full post right here.

As to the outfit, I really can't take all the (any?) credit, so I feel as if some more thank yous are in order:

to Grace for deciding she needed a more modest wardrobe several years back and heaving that tube top my way,

to my mom for passing on her hoarding genes thereby giving me the innate desire to hold onto things (like this tube top) that I rarely use and/or need just incase the right circumstances arise,

to JJ for finding those most delectable yellow shoes in my very size at the DI,

and to the very kind lady who helped me at the Salvation Army the other day for throwing that belt into the bag as a freebie even when I offered up the cash.

Three cheers for all of you!


Grandma Grandma said...

I love all of your outfit, the most important part is YOU, that is what makes the outfit georgeous.

Grace said...

You are most welcome my friend! this way at least one of us can be a fashion icon!

Julieshoe said...

Bless you Carrie for noting me! I am so freaking excited for you and your new thrift fame, you are a thrift siren for sure!