Tuesday, July 8, 2008

mini me oh my

I have long been a firm believer that matching mother-daughter outfits have no place in the world of fashion (or anywhere else). I remember being somewhat disgusted when a kindergarten friend and her sister were made to routinely wear the same mini version of their mother's dress to church, and I tend to keep the rolling mechanism in my eyes at the ready for current versions I might come across.

Recently, my passion on the subject has been fueled by stumbling upon this article discussing the reasons for a recent (2006) increase in the popularity of the mom-daughter look-a-like trend. Therein the author cites the fact that today's moms are cooler than they used to be as one of the contributing factors - to whit I responded "um...WHAT?" Then I read the credentials and realized that the author of said article also owns an online boutique that offers mom-daughter outfit sets (this would explain her desire to talk about how popular they are).

I really thought something should be done to stop this ridiculousness. That is, however, until today. As I was going through some recently uploaded photos I noticed that many of the colors and details in my own outfit were being eerily and similarly repeated in the way that I had dressed Ava. Now I'm scrambling through older photos hoping that it was a fluke and not something I do on a regular basis. I would hate to have to rescind my eye rolls!

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A said...

I'm surprised you hadn't noticed that your mom is cooler than she used to be.