Sunday, August 10, 2008

proof positive

What I had for lunch yesterday:


What I had for lunch today:


minus the

Like I say, the food situation gets pretty dire around here when Ryan isn't around to take care of things.

Images via wikipedia & Mr Weever's Blog


Grace said...

WARNING: THIS IS ABOUT TO BECOME MY LONGEST RESPONSE EVER! There are two purposes for my response today. First to state that I eat like that all of the time and it drives Garrett completely batty, so I say embrace your food choices! Second, I need to relay a story to you, that I am positive will embarrass me and make me look the fool to all of you friends, family, a loyal blog followers, but am almost equally sure will put a smile on your face. So here goes: I have my internet browser pull up a newsreel as my home page, in an attempt to stay connected to the world around me. This morning as I log onto the internet (which I have not done in days) I see some alarming news, "Russian Troops Seize Georgia Base; Air Raids Continue". I think to myself, holy geez! The Russians are attacking and winning? What kind of upside down world is this and why would they want to attack Georgia first? (You see, I thought they were speaking of the state Georgia, rather than the country just below Russia, and of course in my imperialistic thinking there was no way that Russia could in fact beat the USA.) This is the abbreviated version, but to sum things up I had a very panicky start to my morning, and realized I truly need to read the news everyday.

Anonymous said...

Has Grace heard that you can actually drive from Utah to Alaska? (We hope Carrie doesn't try it from Hawaii...) Thanks goes to Grace for yet another classic geography anecdote! (P)