Monday, September 8, 2008

10 things I did today:

1. fed a black swan with brown pellets marketed as fish and bird food
2. took loads of photos
3. watched two peacocks walk into a gift shop
4. decided that "two peacocks walk into a gift shop" sounded like the beginnings of a great joke and thought about possible punch lines
5. ran to get out of the rain
6. made a late night grocery store run for NyQuil which yielded a grocery store brand NyQuil knock-off and a magazine
7. ate pineapple mixed with a spoonful of a slightly spicy red powder bought at the Aloha Swap Meet
8. learned more about mummification via The Discovery Channel
9. opened an empty mailbox
10. leaned out the window to smell the city after a rainstorm


Julieshoe said...

what an absolutely wonderful day

Missa said...

That's funny, before I even read #4 I thought exactly the same thing. Did you come up with any good ones?

Grace said...

I do not like shopping along side such beasts.