Friday, October 3, 2008

a troubling trend

You may or may not recall an earlier post (tirade, rather) about how disagreeable I find matching mother/daughter outfits. I do recall said post and the zeal with which I dislike the aforementioned matching outfits, which is why I am shocked and dismayed by the photo you see here. The tiny florals got me, and I didn't even realize it until after we'd spent an entire day walking around together. In public. Gah!

Editor's Note:  On further inspection it seems that the matchy-matchy florals are not terribly noticeable on a photo of this size.  That being the case, please feel free to ignore all my previous comments and simply feast your eyes on that most adorable thrifted night stand to my left.


A said...

The doodad on top of the nightstand is quite a find, too.

Caroline said...

Thank you. It was self made.

Ryan said...

That night stand is awesome, as are you. You also look amazing, just putting it out there.

Ashley Bilodeau MOOSE PROJECT said...

Yo, I have the same night stand. I've had it all my life..
I used to have the entire set but my ex husband put the dresser on the sidewalk once when we moved.

I'm glad I kept the night stand... I painted it maroon and kept the gold.. I'll take a picture one day and show you!

Caroline said...

That's funny...I'd love to have a full set myself. You absolutely should show me the painted version.