Thursday, November 13, 2008

52 weeks

Inspired by this website, my friend Julie suggested that her and I start a sort of visual journal wherein we would each take photos at regular intervals then place them together as a fun way to keep in touch. I immediately took to the idea thinking it would be interesting to see what similarities and/or differences emerge in our juxtaposed photos given that there is such a huge distance between us (she being in Utah and me in Hawaii).

After hashing out a few "rules" we decided to each post a photo a week (starting last week) for one year. They'll be posted each Friday to our respective flickr accounts, then I'll put them together and post the resulting image here so we can all enjoy the fun.  For more enjoyment, feel free to make up your own stories to go along with the photos and leave them in the comments.  Then click the links below to see how closely your story lines up with what we actually had to say.

52 weeks


Grace said...

You guys are sure to be friends for life with these photos.... They somehow seem to correspond with one another. I love it!

Julieshoe said...

Carrie I would say week one was most definitely a success!

Missa said...

What a fun idea and your two photos combine brilliantly! Looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with :)

A said...

In a Shakespearean twist of fate, twins are separated at birth. One grows up in a nice warm barn. The other has to forage in the woods for berries.