Wednesday, November 19, 2008

silhouettes & snip snips

I've mentioned before about the monthly thrift swap that my dear friend and vintage retailing cohort, Julie and I engage in. I also mentioned before about what a treat it is to receive package after package full of lovely thrifted gems from someone so skilled in the art of thrifting as Julie is.  Now I feel compelled to mention this latest (and greatest) addition to my growing collection of thrifted by JJ merchandise. Behold the dress:
Nov18 - silhouettes & snip snips

Now I know what you're thinking. It's something along the lines of, "Yeah, it's a cute dress, but whatever. To really impress me, it needs to be something spectacular. It needs a little extra something to elevate it from just 'cute, but whatever' to something worth blogging about." Well, dear reader, allow me to direct your attention to this next image. I think you may be changing your mind about this dress now:
Seriously, is there a better print in existence? I think, no.

Also, I cut my hair yesterday. Hooray for bangs...uh, I mean fringe...that's what the cool kids are calling it these days, yes?


Julieshoe said...

Bless your heart Carrie-I am so glad you liked it! What I am really impressed with is how you dress it up, it looks amazing!

Missa said...

That print is truly spectacular, as are those boots! Yay for awesome thrift packages!!!

design for mankind. said...

oooh i do love that print! :)