Thursday, December 11, 2008

an online chat and some other things

r:  Oh my.  You need to know what I just remembered to tell you.
c:  Oh?  Tell me.
r:  The doormen and bellhops at this hotel have the most amazing uniforms.
c:  Go on...
r:  Well, I'll start at the feet - square toed black dress shoes.
c:  Umhmmm...(nodding in approval)
r:  Then the socks - grey and black checks, but they are silky.
c:  Oooh...getting better.
r:  All black dressy knee length knickers.
c:  Amazing!
r:  White long sleeve shirt with a tie.
c:  Yes, yes.
r:  Black and grey sweater vest over the shirt.
c:  Incredible.  Tell me there is a hat involved!
r:  Topped off with an old timey black and grey newsies cap.
c:  Gah!  You've made my day!  Best uniform ever!
r:  Amazing, right?

p.s.  The week long business trip that R was supposed to be on has turned into a two (with a high probability of turning into three) week nightmare which has included him having to stay in some random fellow's apartment for the first week and a half until a hotel room became available.  Weird, right?

Gladly, once he finally managed to get into a hotel, he found the aforementioned bellhops to be to his liking.

In other news, it's been raining all day long here.  Lots of rain.  More like a downpour, really.  When we were living in Georgia there was an ice cream shop near our home that offered an extra scoop for free if you stopped in while it was raining.  Every time it rained, we'd make our way to that ice cream shop as fast as we could.  I was definitely wishing there were free ice cream here today.  A and I opted to venture out for donuts instead.  They were not free.  They still managed to be delicious.


Grace said...

I think that newsboy caps should be required for ALL uniforms. Policeman--YES! Flight attendant--YES! McDonalds--YES!

Caroline said...

Oh, I heartily agree! Excepting, of course, the uniforms in London. They seem to have it all together on the good hats front. And the Canadian Mounted Police can keep theirs too.

Ryan said...

I think that the HotDog on a Stick folks should stick to their uniforms too. ;0

Grace said...

Compelling arguments my have swayed me.

Missa said...

Oh man, you two were clearly made for eachother. This is awesome. Wish my husband would take note of such important details!

Also, I have to agree with Ryan, those HotDog on a Stick folks need their special hats presumably engineered to not fly off while they are bouncing around on that lemon juicing contraption ;)