Thursday, December 4, 2008

thirteen is my favorite number

I'm pretty excited to be headed home to Utah for the holidays.  So excited, in fact, that I've been working on adding to and whittling down this list of things to do when we get there since August.  When I was able to finally narrow it down to a manageable size, these are the things that remained.  So, aside from the loads of time with our family and friends (obviously), this season I am most looking forward to:

1. going through piles of old family photos.  both sides.
2. snowboarding at Brighton.
3. an afternoon at Ken Saunders Rare Books.
4. bundling up for walks in Liberty Park.
5. shopping trips to Abode.
6. scouring the DI racks many times over.
7. defying gravity by idling up the hill behind the capitol.
8. reliving many childhood weekends and school field trips at the Bean Museum.
9.  walking around downtown at night where everything is lit up.
10. taking a lot of photos.  especially getting one of the buffalo heads on the side of the building on 300 S (if I remember correctly).
11.  TRAX rides with Ava.
12. sledding.  the lame kind on a small (maybe slushy) hill in a park.
13. stocking up on wishes by counting train cars.


Grace said...

I remember the Bean Museum! What fun!

Julieshoe said...

Oh the finds that are to be found on those shelves and racks of thrift....

Missa said...

Haha, when I clicked on the Bean Museum link, I was intrigued and expecting to find a museum all about beans! It does look like a very cool place though.

I've been wanting to visit the new Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, but we're waiting for the crouds to die down a bit.

Have lots of fun on your trip home!

P.S. There is a little blog award thingy awaiting you over at my blog :)

Caroline said...

Ho actual bean museum would be cool (or very uncool, more likely). Sorry to disappoint. I'm off to check out my award!