Monday, January 12, 2009

bowling for my birthday

Other possible titles for this post include:
  • more things we did in Utah
  • happy belated birthday to me
  • look at this amazing neon sign
  • reliving many a morning bowling excursion when I was supposed to be attending high school instead
  • seriously...the best sign ever
  • reasons it's no fun to be born on Christmas Eve (one reason being the fact that nothing is ever open except slightly dodgy bowling alleys...there are a heap load of other reasons...I'm holding back for your sake)
  • any sign with a mini bowler up top is a winner


Julieshoe said...

I have been bowling at this very place-I must admit I was a wee bit disappointed by the newness of the interior. Nevertheless that sign is amazing. Also I totally approve of bowling as ones sluffing activity.

Missa said...

Bowling is so much fun. Happy Happy belated birthday to you Caroline!

P.S. That is a really cool sign.

Caroline said...

jj: It wasn't at all new when I lived there (in the town...not the bowling alley). I myself was a little disappointed to see it this time around. I'm not sure when that happened.

missa: Thank you, thank you.

Grace said...

I had no idea that Jack and Jill had been about the Towne Cinema? I used their movie hotline as the fake number I gave out to boys I was not interested in, still have it memorized: 756-3181.

A said...

I am so sad to learn that you went bowling instead of going to school. Perhaps Nik is the responsible one after all.

Caroline said...

Who had a higher GPA?