Friday, January 9, 2009

home again, home again

jiggety jig.

We made our way home from Utah a few days ago. It was great seeing our family and friends, but a couple things (like spending massive amounts of time sick in bed for me and a small trip to the ER for R) are making me rethink visiting during the winter again. Sadly, these things also prevented us from seeing/doing many of the things we intended to. Here is something we did see plenty of:


Grace said...

That snowman is glorious!

Missa said...

What a bummer that you were sick. Well, at least you made it home safe and sound and I would guess with renewed appreciation for the warm tropical weather.

I love the photo of the lights through the falling snow, Clover loves the photo of the snowman :)

Caroline said...

I definitely have a renewed appreciation for the warm weather. I also have a renewed appreciation for the thick humid air (something I wasn't too fond of when we first moved here). The air in Utah is too thin and dry. Blech.