Monday, February 2, 2009

easy peasey rice and cheesey

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You know how sometimes when something is really easy you use the term easy as pie? That phrase does not make a lot of sense to me. Perhaps, it means that the thing you are referring to is as easy to eat as a pie. That would make sense because pie is pretty darn easy to eat...for me.

Also, there is this other thing you might say. When something is really easy, you might call it a cake walk. Now this makes much more sense to me because there is something that is actually called a cake walk, and they are indeed very easy. You just go around a circle while music is playing and at the end you might win a cake. Easy.

What I'm getting at is this...I like cake walks. I'd like to have the opportunity to attend more cake walks. But since I don't have any information about when and where various cake walks are likely to be taking place, I am thinking it might be a good idea to host one. And here, dear readers, is where I need your help. Tell me please, if you were to receive an invitation to a cake walk would you:

a) be very likely to attend since free cake combined with music combined with a game of chance is something you cannot refuse

b) think about attending because you love free cake but hesitate all the same since cake walks are affairs generally reserved for school carnivals and the like, and you're just not sure that one on its own at someone's house would be up your alley

c) think the person who sent you the cake walk invitation is obviously some sort of weirdo whom you intend to distance yourself from at once

Secondly, would your answer to the first question be altered in any way if the cake walk in question were to coincide with a little girl's third birthday party?


Missa said...

Oh, you better believe I would be there... with bells on! My answer is most definitely "a" and I think it's such a cute idea for a birthday party :)

Afton said...

oh man, i haven't been to a good cake walk since my days in catholic school when we used to have spring socials in the church basement. i am well overdue...

Julie said...

Count me in on this game of chance and cake! What a wonderful birthday party that would be-I can see it all now......