Friday, February 20, 2009

friday is a fine day

Likeke Falls:
unknown and allusive
down an abandoned road
under the highway
through the woods
another abandoned road
a set of stairs
hidden trails

at the falls:
met a tour guide
gave us a history
the falls are a sacred site
the water has healing powers
there are six flat rocks for council members,
and a view of the entire valley
warriors would stand guard at the trails

later today:
relaxing and resting
dinner at a local pizzeria
took in a show


Grace said...

I love it when there are inspirational message in graffiti. Amaze! Now all I want to do is set forth today and amaze.

Missa said...

Magical hidden waterfalls, relaxation, AND pizza?... your life is too good to be true ;)

Afton said...

purple mushroom! gasp!