Sunday, March 22, 2009

likeke falls

magical & mysterious.
abandoned roads and grass that sleeps when you touch it.
a tangle of trees and a songbird singing just for us.

p.s. r is home...hooray!

(photos 1, 2, & 11 by R. Moncur)


DON'T SWEAT IT said...

The photo of your little girl with her papa is priceless and absolutely beautiful!

Missa said...

What a beautiful place, lucky!
Also, I totally agree with the above comment, so sweet :)

Julie said...

This hike looks a lot like the one we went on, but it isn't-right? Regardless it looks lovely and I am impressed at how great you look even on a hike. I am always jealous of people who can do that.

Caroline said...

It is the very hike we went on together. Though I didn't seen any roguish chickens this time.

Grandma Nielsen said...

I loved the picture of r & a I have it as my background at work. I really miss you all.