Saturday, March 28, 2009

prepare to be pleased

Take ten minutes out of your day. You deserve it.

If you've finished and still have time to spare, might I recommend clicking here or here. I'm sure they're good too. It's not as if I would know for certain. That would mean I would have had to spend the last thirty minutes watching silly videos online. I've no time for such frivolous things. Still, if you do, you should.

(Thanks to this lady for the invitation.)


rachel said...

you will just have to jump on it the next time you are on utah. one day, I'd really like to go to a trapeze class. They don't have one here, but other big cities do.

Missa said...

These are AWESOME. Strangely, I am now craving an ice cold glass of pilk... write it down.

Julie said...

Quite fast. Love that ever so dry British humor.

徵信社 said...

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