Saturday, March 7, 2009

things that have happened

yesterday: Went out with some old friends and met some new friends who are in town. The evening went down with a whole heap load of chatter, laughter and garlic things were good.  The only thing that could have made the night better was if R would have wowed the crowd with a lively story about squeezing a kangaroo.  Wait...he did.

today: Was forced very much against my will to wake up at an unreasonably early hour to drive R to the airport.  I know it doesn't really make a difference since neither R nor I work regular Monday thru Friday jobs, but the the fact that it's a Saturday made me feel especially indignant about the early wake-up call.  Bleh.

(photo by R)


designformankind said...

oh dear-- i dont blame you. early morning wake up calls? gross.

Julie said...

I can see Ryan squeezing that roo now..... it was inspiring! Thanks again for such a wonderful dinner and visit. In fact both dinners were excellent, and Ava was lovely. I hope she isn't scared of Mr. Skull now that they chatted.....