Saturday, August 29, 2009

some pretties for your weekend

When I was a kid there was an open field in the middle of the block behind our house (empty but for the ram it housed - (maybe) more on that another time). It seems to me that hot air balloons would land in that field with some regularity every summer. Maybe it was just the one time and my memory has take the liberty of blurring the line between what really happened and what I want to have happened.

At any rate, I can remember specifically the day a hot air balloon came so close I thought it would run into the roof. We ran to the window in my parent's upstairs bedroom to watch as it came closer, and once it passed, ran to the window in the bathroom to see where it was going.

Also, I once took a ride in a hot air balloon. Did you?

Also, also, I wish with all my heart that there was a balloon fest in Honolulu. City officials? Can we make that happen?

(photos from Albuquerque Balloon Fest found here).


Nathan said...

I've been wanting to go to the Albuquerque balloon fest for years now!

Missa said...

I've never been in one, in fact the thought of riding in one freaks me out a little though it would probably end up being lots of fun.

I do love to see them flying about though. People do wine country tours in them around here so we see them from time to time, always a treat!

I would imagine that as a kid having one headed straight for your house would have made for quite an exciting day!

Alexa said...

There was one in St. Louis, where I went to college. Sigh. I miss it.

Nikolai said...

I remeber the balloon that almost hit the house. I also have been in a hot air balloon. On a different note I'm all caught up with your blog, and in my opinon you are slacking in the posting department.

Caroline said...