Friday, October 30, 2009

help wanted

What have we missed? We have about a month left to see/do/eat everything we want to on the east coast. If you have any experience at all with Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland or Pennsylvania tell us now so we don't miss out. Please. I implore you.


lsa said...

in philadelphia, for the:
sugar rush = capogiro gelato artisans
food = reading terminal market (di'nics!)
obscure = the mutter museum
'rocky' steps = the art museum
a pretty sight = magic gardens

if you want specifics, let me know. hope that helps :)

Stephanie said...

just come back already!! we miss our friends!!

Stephanie said...

and by "we" i mean "gabby" and by "friends" i mean "ava". lol, and i miss you too. :)

Aunt P said...

I was going to say Gettysburg then scrolled down & saw you went there --such beautiful & peaceful battlefields. If you want a long drive you must go to Johnstown,visit your great grandparents graves, buy a Gob, eat pirogies, and ride the incline or better yet take your car on it. Stop at Shanksville, near Somerset, on the way. The flight 93 story means a lot more when standing there. ( concerns me that my recommendations have a common theme.)

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Oh, I wish I had some words of advice beyond the normal tourist kind. But I must say, those roller skate strap ons are too damn cool!