Wednesday, October 14, 2009

east coast rainbow

Dear Hawaii,

You are the best for giving me rainbows better than this almost every day. You know what else is great? You don't trick people into thinking that sixty-seven degrees in the afternoon is a treat. I must admit, there are a lot of reasons to love the east coast, but the temperature is not one of them. Also, you have better beaches.


p.s. I'll see you in December.


NW. said...

you left hawaii?!
are you permanent on east coast now?

Julie said...

I was AMAZED by the rainbows in Hawaii-I kept pointing them out until I realized they happen about every 10 minutes.

Caroline said...

NW - No, no. Just for a couple months. I'll be back in Hawaii in December.

Julie - I know! My favorite thing.

Anonymous said...

you know I've never been to Hawaii? Not that I don't want to go, just never had the opportunity I suppose. *Sigh* I guess I can appreciate the warm weather here for a few days longer... if I have too :)

elena-lu said...

oh the hubby and i have plans to go to hawaii and it'd be the first for both of us! woot!

Caroline said...

Elena-Lu - Well, if you end up going and it ends up being after the beginning of December let me know!