Thursday, December 10, 2009


The Skiers (c.1907)
I'm having a bit of trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I'm not sure if it's because I'm still reeling from the three months away or if it has more to do with the eighty degree weather we've been experiencing enjoying. Either way, I hope it kicks in soon because if there's anything I hate, it's missing out on good tidings. What sorts of things do you do to get in the mood?

[very fine photo found here]


Megan said...

A Christmas Story, every time. It was 79 yesterday so I feel your pain. :-/

E said...


Except today is freezing.

I don't know, fairy lights are the best things, I can deal with them all year around. and little candles. They have to be little ones.

Kennedy said...

i am feeling the same way this year.

Missa said...

Well, it's been a cold and rainy weekend here so that has helped a lot. We got a tree and decorated it and put on the charlie brown christmas soundtrack (my favorite) and drank hot chocolate and what not.

Then there's always the christmas movies to get you in the mood which we haven't resorted to yet but I feel one coming on ;)