Friday, January 8, 2010


I have been trying to work on number 5, but we've been spending an awful lot of time at home lately so you're getting those photos instead. Apparently I like yellow.

Also, can this be counted toward number 3 as well?


Missa said...

Oh, this reminds me I promised Clover I'd make her some play dough!

I say count it for 3 most definitely!

Julie said...

I agree that it counts for three. These are all such lovely moments that you captured.

leah said...


simon says yes to 5 and 3.

Nikolai said...

You like yellow but the very first picture is red? Unless the little "red thing" is still together I don't think you can count that as making something. So I don't feel bad for pointing out the flaws with these so called new year resolutions I am going to pretend that I made one that was to help motivate you to actually do yours by being cynical and making it hard for you, so you can't cut corners by claiming you killed two birds with one stone.

Caroline said...

Hey now. I meant that taking photographs was like creating something new and blogging was showing it to others. So there.

p.s. You are a mean brother.

Nikolai said...

I'm not mean just bored. I think taking photographs is really creating something new. Maybe if you learned a new technique then it would count. p.s. You told me you like it when I post things, so I'm just keeping you entertained.