Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sweet home

We've been tackling a whole slew of home improvement projects lately which has pretty much rendered our kitchen unusable for the moment. I also took time to hang some things I've had sitting in a stack in the bedroom for the past I don't even know how long.

Also, to appease my brat of a brother, note the little heart at the bottom right. Embroidered by me. I'm counting it. So there.

p.s. I made Milla's best of list! And Andrea likes my cardi wrappage! Thanks internet friends.


Nikolai said...

Good good, glad to see that you are making something. Might I suggest try print making with the linolium blocks you got for Chrismas. I would like to see how those turn out.

Teenysparkles said...

Oh, I love that embroidered heart, the fabric you've embroidered onto is so sweet!

Missa said...

...and Missa likes that you have officially coined the phrase "cardi wrappage"!

Ugh, I have one of those stacks that I NEED to tackle. I love how you have these items laid out, inspiring :)

leah said...

i'm loving that collection-o-framed art. i wanna see it all hung up. i wanna i wanna.