Sunday, February 7, 2010

carnivals, hospitals and morning light

Or...the very eventful weekend

Punahou Carnival -
lights + rides + cotton candy = yes, yes, yes.

Emergency Room -
vomit + cold waiting rooms + a hospitalized husband = no, no, no.

The Next Morning -
bright eyed child - an acceptable amount of sleep + morning light = no, but somehow kind of yes.


Andrea said...

oh no! So sorry Caroline. I hate hospitals as it is, never mind emergency rooms & sick husbands. I hope all is okay and everyone is in good condition soon :)

Kennedy said...

all of these photos are just so beautiful, sorry about your husband though! hope he's feeling better by now. also i just gave you a couple of awards on my blog, no pressure to post them or anything but i wanted to let you know that i think you are beautiful and inspiring.

Nikoali said...

So did you and A go to the carnival why R was stuck in the hospital?

nikolai said...

I know that my name is misspelled, the computer froze and then jumped forward.

Caroline said... We went to the carnival with R the day before he went to the hospital.