Wednesday, April 21, 2010

made by

Have any of you seen Made by Joel yet? If you haven't, you should - it's my new favorite craft blog. After seeing this post, I wanted to try to make my own little zippered pouch. Even though I had never used the zipper foot for my sewing machine, it was pretty easy, and now I have something to hold my keys and phone while I'm at the beach. I'm all pumped to make walnut boats with A next. I just hope they end up as cute as these.


Little Monarch said...

i went to the beach over the weekend and my bag got filled with sand! and i thought what i really need is a little pouch to put my ipod, camera and phone etc in. i think you have just soled my problem :-)

Teenysparkles said...

This is nice the fabric and contrasting zip! I'm in the midst of making a drawstring bag to carry small things -as well. But mine will likely carry a spare nappy, wipes and my keys.

rachel said...

I love Made by Joel. Thank you for the tip! and Happy late Anniversary. Wow, 8 years!