Thursday, April 29, 2010

portrait project

14 of 52
portrait projectCaroline

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portrait projectCaroline

two friends
an ocean apart
post one portrait a week
with no rules or themes
and no idea what the other is up to.
in a year we'll see.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

oooh, i love that top one. your head looks like where the wild things are. in a good way.

actually, i love all of these. i'll just be honest. beauty is truth, truth beauty.

Kennedy said...

i am obsessed with these little projects you do. its inspiring to see you keep up with it all year long, i cant say id be able to keep up with anything for a whole year.

Elisabelle said...


zephyrsarah said...

this is so amazing.
i want to do this.

i also want that dress. the one in the first photo. i love it!!!

Caroline said...

It's for sale!