Tuesday, June 29, 2010

slow side

Um so...we went to Utah about a month ago, but you're just now getting photos. Somehow I think you're not surprised. I didn't get any photos of my sister-in-law's wedding - it was beautiful and it was also the reason for the entire trip in the first place - and only photos of one of my four niece and nephews...so big boo to me on that one. On the bright side, how freakin' cool is it that my brother-in-law has a rock climbing wall on the side of his house?


Audrey said...

Aw, thanks for making me laugh this morning. You're sweet.

Julie said...

Love these. Love that I got to see you. I drove by the curb that we sat and talked on the other day and it warmed my heart.

Teenysparkles said...

Rockclimbing wall on the house? You've just described my husbands idea of heaven.

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