Monday, March 31, 2008

turtle beach

Today we drove up to Laniakea Beach, located on Oahu's north shore, and also known as Turtle Beach. Named (rightly) for these green sea turtles who come up on the beach for a few hours everyday to sun themselves. It was really a spectacular sight to see them there, and see them swimming around in the water right along the shore. Ryan was actually quite frightened when one swam up behind him and ran into the backs of his knees - sending Ryan flailing.
Lest you think I've taken these pictures from elsewhere and am lying about are Ryan and Ava just a few yards back. These turtles are protected species so you are not allowed to touch them or go within a certain distance, but they are all over the place in the water and on the sand so you can run around right in the middle of it all.
This picture just because it's cute

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Way cute!