Saturday, April 5, 2008

celebrity look alike

Using a pretty sweet face recognition feature over at MyHeritage I was able to see what celebrities I most resemble. Included in the list, Selma Blair, Twiggy, and (eep!) Sylvester Stalone.

Of course, upon discovering said feature, I hastily ran the test for Ryan as well. At the top of his list...Sarah Jessica Parker (ha, he can't stand her). Also included, Jesse Bradford, Michael Richards and Alfred Molina.

Oddly, Ava's was the only list that did not include both male and female celebrities. Apparently she's quite feminine looking. Included are Christina Ricci, Jessica Alba, and Jamie Lyn Spears among others.

You'd best head over there to check it out for yourself straight away - post some of your results in the comments so we can all laugh together.

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The Davis League said...

I'll refrain from posting all 5 of ours on your site... but you made me want to do this too. You can see ours here: