Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the Moncur family Is pleased to present the kahala farewell tour 2008

Since this will be the last night before we move into our own place, I thought it fitting that we create a little photographic tribute to the house on Ama'u St. - without which we could have been living on the beach lo these many months. So without further ado...

So long - thanks for the fun.


Ben, Jamie, Maddy said...

awwwww precious! I bet you are glad soon that will all be a thing of the past... Congrats on the new place! And tell Ryan thanks for coming over! miss you guys! Enjoy moving again!

Grandpa and Grandma M said...

Sure wish we hadn't missed Ryan. He is no longer allowed to plan his own trips as he fails to consider the details like: "Oh gee, that's Memorial Weekend I wonder if anyone will be in town if I come then!"

He'd be soooo very grounded now if he didn't live out of state! Oh what - the heck: "YOUR GROUNDED - FOR LIFE"

Since it's now Wednesday... I hope your place got funded, and hope your happily in it, and hope the second week of June isn't tooooo far off for survival! Just think, some day, maybe even some day soon, they'll run out of ways to play with your minds and will actually close, fund, deliver and you'll be all set up. Just in time to move back to Utah before Ava forgets her grandparents!

Love ya,


Grace said...

I would say that your photo representation of the memories of your lovely home lead me on a true journey of emotions and allowed me to feel the love that radiates through that red door.

A said...

or further ado--
I only hope you will be able to finally escape the phantasmagorical feline that seems to have been stalking you since you arrived!

Julieshoe said...

what a fine photo montage that was - I salute you and your photographic eye.