Monday, June 2, 2008

the view (and not that crappy tv show)

We finally made it into our new place. We still have zero furniture (not even a chair to sit on), very few worldly goods, nothing to cook our meals in, and now our air mattress has developed a leak so we've been sleeping on the floor...but the view is fantastic!

We don't have reliable access to an internet connection for the time being (read: I can sometimes connect to an unreliable and unbelievably slow unsecured network if I balance the laptop on my knees just so and squish up as close as possible to the window), so posts will be rather sparse for now.

For the time being, our place is incredibly empty and not at all photo worthy, but we will have a bed in two days, our belongings out of storage in eight days, and an internet connection in eighteen days. I'm still on the quest for an affordable and attractive sofa (a seemingly rare combination). I'll try to keep the updates coming. My goal is to have a happy and comfortable (and guest worthy) set up by this month's end.


A said...

How about before and after photos? (You know--empty and not photo worthy, then the brilliant transformation after you have exercised your amazing decorating talent.) Oh, and that's really so sad about not being able to cook--I feel for you.

Grandma Grandma said...

The view is so beautiful!!!!!!!