Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a commemorative haiku

Thanks, mom. Thanks for visiting, and for the suitcase full of prizes that you brought. Thank you for buying donuts, and for walking Ava to the park. Sorry we all got sick, and that Ava couldn't get in the water. It was fun learning more about the stringing pattern of ukuleles. And remember the time we offered thoughtful insight to the local newspaper reporter? Man, what fun! I've decided to commemorate your visit with the following haiku...feel free to have it made into a scrapbook.

Bearer of ponies,
Sing your ukulele song,
Sleep on the plane home.

In case you are not taken with the first one, I've also created an alternate. Choose the one you feel best embodies the essence of your vacation.

You came bearing gifts;
You left with a sunburn and
a ukulele.

Also, I've decided to offer these services to all future house guests. Starting today, at least one very lovely literary gem will be written to commemorate the stay of each visitor we get. So, if a vacation in Hawaii is not a big enough draw...there you go.


Julieshoe said...

I have always wanted a Caroline crafted Haiku-now is my chance!

A said...

And if excellent haiku is not enough, Ryan is a fine cook. Thank you. Thank you. I am already saving up for the next trip. (Someone dropped a dime under one of the chairs in the office.)

Ryan said...

Thank you for lying about my cooking.