Thursday, July 24, 2008

just call me touristy touristerson

My mom is in town for the next few days so we'll be running about hitting up all the tourist hot spots. Today we headed up to Waimea Valley Park on the north shore. The biggest draw for this beautiful 1800-acre park are the falls where there would normally be cliff diving going on. However, it's been so dry this summer that the resevoirs have dried up and there were no falls to be found. The rest of the park had all but shut down as a result.

It was still a beautiful walk through the park with a lot of plants and birds to gander at, but the usual available activities (Hawaiian games, story telling, etc.) were nowhere to be found. We did learn how to make leis, and Ava had part of her lunch stolen by a very brazen the day wasn't completely devoid of excitement.

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Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to see you post you and your mom in fashionable mother-daughter outfits. (And a little proof that she actually made it there.) --Aunt P