Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4 things I like

1.  my bikeIt's a hand me down from my parents.
R has a matching one in yellow.

2.  this crocheted bibimage via here
This one was made and worn by Danielle at Sexie Time!
It is sewn into the top, but I'd like one with ties so it could be worn like an accessory over anything.

3.  couples who look like they were made for each otherimage from New York Look Book
image via here
two shining examples

4.  photos with rounded corners
...and my dad (for a solid #5)


Danielle said...

oh! thank you. i'll totally make one for you! what color? it will be a merry un-birthday present. or birthday present depending.

Maki said...

Aww I love your 4 thing you like!!! :D

Caroline said...

Danielle: Hooray! I'll send you a flickr mail.