Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 things I did today

1.  went for a swim in frightfully* cold water
2.  made a myriad of balloon animals
3.  walked to the Children's Discovery Center
4.  carried a sleeping toddler home from the Children's Discovery Center
5.  danced to old Ben Folds Five**

*frightfully as in, "Eep, this is a bit chilly" not as in, "Gah!  I'm a crazy person engaging in one of those polar bear club type swimming get togethers in frigid winter waters."

**Their self titled album is one of my favorites and has served dutifully as background noise to the magnificence that is me getting my groove on since borrowing it from and failing to return it to a friend several years ago...like eight or so.  This is a testament to both my affinity for the album and my (sometimes) complete disregard for the rules of common decency.  Every couple of years I decide that I'll track the poor lender down so I can send him a new copy and promptly forget to do so.  Sorry David Mansfield (incase you ever google yourself)...I owe you one.


Julieshoe said...

I love that you make balloon animals! I would like you to post a pic of these said animals-animal balloons on parade if you will.

Stephanie said...

i have photos of a blurry ava from the discovery center. when i quit procrastinating, i'll upload and send! :)