Monday, November 24, 2008

52 weeks


If you missed the full explanation, read this.


Julieshoe said...

I love these-so much.

NW. said...

i really like these two shots together.
its interesting, for some reason

NW. said...

also, i really like this blog.

Missa said...

You two absolutely have some kind of crazy psychic connection, WOW!

Grace said...

I really don't believe that you two are not coordinating these... Come now! Come clean! Things like this don't happen three times in a row!

Caroline said...

What is interesting about this week is that I had two photos I was having a really hard time choosing between. I must admit, I really wanted to see Julie's pick before I chose mine because I thought it would make the decision easier...but I held strong and did not look.

Oddly enough, though, my other photo was completely different, but I still think we would have had a match since it was a photo of a repeating pattern just like Julie's is. So, hooray...we cannot help but match up with each other.