Saturday, May 9, 2009

52 weeks

52 weeks

two friends
an ocean apart
post one photo a week
with no rules or themes
and no idea what the other is up to.
in a year we'll see.

A full explanation is here.
The complete set is here.


Julie said...

what a funny story these two pictures tell together!

Ryan said...

I just don't get how you two constantly have similar photos. I have decided I would like to write a story about this one, however, I am unable to tell good stories (ask C if you don't believe me) so I won't...even though I want to.

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

tow thumbs up, ladies.

Shana said...
a little preview for you....he is almost done with them. PROMISE!! Maybe by the end of tomorrow!

elena-lu said...

you guys really got somethign here! what a great project!

Nikolai said...

Hey I made that print.

Caroline said...

Ryan: Hahaha, husband. You are funny (except when you tell stories).

Shana: Thank you.

Nikolai: Yes. Yes you did. It is very much at home on my wall. Get it? Because it is actually in my home? Oh man...funny, funny, funny.

Milla said...

Grace said...

You and Julie have different week 27/52 posts! I'm calling shenanigans!

Caroline said...

Um...Julie's is titled incorrectly. Her title says 27/52, but below the photo it says 26/52 - the photo which does in fact match my 26/52. You see? No shenanigans here!

Julie said...

Leave it to me to get a little mixed up. NIce sleuthing Grace, I will have to watch myself more closely around you!