Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the best things are free

Earlier today I promised A a trip to the library if she would just please take her nap. I tried to make good, but when we got there it was just closing. (Important side note: does five o'clock seem like an unusually early library closing time to anyone else?). Obviously, our entire evening was on the brink of ruin, when, on the walk home, the most miraculous thing happened. We stumbled upon a book in a bag. (And that's not even the most miraculous part! Read on!). Naturally, I hastened to pick it up, and what happened next delights me to no end. I found a note, and this is what it said:   FREE BOOK! Take me home!

Well, you can bet I didn't need to be told twice. After arriving home with said book, I found another little note inside directing me to this website. Turns out, there is a whole community of people leaving their used books around for someone to find and take home. I already can't wait to set this one loose again, but I will (of course) read it first.

This is the book I got. Hooray for me!

And, because posts without pictures can be boring, here are some pig's feet. They're a little bit dirty:


Nathan said...

wow! thats amazing! I always want things like that to happen to me.
And I think dirty feet are good for pigs, and humans too

Anonymous said...

This is really cool... I want to try this now! Thanks for the link.

E said...

haha, cute cute.

And cute dirty piggy feet too.

Missa said...

My goodness, magic just follows you around, doesn't it? Amazing!

Cooincidentally, Clover and I are just about to head off on a walk to the library to check out a traveling discovery museum that's set up there for a few days :)

p.s. the pigs feet were a brilliant touch!

Caroline said...

"...magic just follows you around..." - Hahahaha. That's going on my resume.

A said...

The bookmobile is supposed to be at 690 Pohukaina St, selling used books, movies and music. But it probably won't help with your problem -- it's only open M - F, from 10 to 2. (Or so I've heard)