Wednesday, June 3, 2009

epic summer

a three month plan:
  • see R off to Bangladesh
  • mother/daughter days at the pool
  • a goodwiu birthday bash
  • fireworks every Friday
  • small condo renovations

  • big condo renovations
  • off to Utah to visit my family
  • mini road trips with whoever will come
  • visit Yellowstone for the first time
  • attend a friend's wedding
  • ice cream and homemade root beer

  • to the beach since I'll miss it while I'm away
  • a visit from a nomadic friend
  • hiking, biking, loving, relaxing
  • make something...anything


Grace said...

Icecream and homemade rootbeer sound like a little slice of heaven.

elena-lu said...

sounds like a perfect summer! and of course you will take pics yes? and then share? yes? ok good!

Caroline said...

grace: Good. We can do that together.

elena: Yes, yes. Just try to stop me!

Missa said...

Epic indeed :)

If only Clover and I were close enough to join you and Ava on some of your mother/daughter summer adventures!

Elaine said...

What? Utah?? What part? :)

Caroline said...

Missa: Oh, that would make this summer truly epic! One day, friend.

Elaine: SLC, lady. Can we stage a meet up?

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

I seriously wish my next few months looked something like this.

Julie said...

Yes! I made the list-I would also somehow like to be included in the make something listing..... And I am intrigued by the nomadic friend stop by-sounds interesting.

Elaine said...

Yes! Let's do it!! I am also going to Hawaii end of June which is too funny because we are almost switching places.... hehe

Isquisofrenia said...

thank you for your comments
i love this list right here!!!