Monday, June 8, 2009

lazy lately

a list of things I should be doing:
  • photographing vintage goods for the shop
  • sorting the remaining unpacked boxes from our move a year ago
  • repairing a broken pair of earrings for my mother
  • purchasing plane tickets
a list of things I am doing:Bleh. This debilitating lack of motivation is due to equal parts stifling summer heat and my own nature. Procrastination seems to be a family specialty.

p.s. It seems a June trip to Bangladesh was not in the cards for R after all. Woot!


Milla said...

hug from a fellow procrastinating porcupine

Missa said...

Hahaa! I have those same boxes, only it's now been well over a year and a half... ugh.

If only the three of us could get together and unite our powers of procrastination, there's no telling the things we could not achieve! ;)

The Andersons said...

I think this is a Yashko trait! I hope someday I'll finally get over it... Anyway, it's good to have the days when nothing gets accomplished, as long as everyone is happy and healthy, who cares!?

elena-lu said...

yeah i do it too and then at the last minute i get my butt in gear and end up mad cause i couldve done a better job at whatever project but yeah maybe ill grow out of it though cause it stresses me out dude!

Annette said...

How is that movie? I keep telling my husband: " let's rent Much Ado About Nothing" and he says: "hmmmmm." so tell me how it is... I want to rent it soon.

Caroline said...

It's cheesy and silly and perfect in every way. My husband loves it.

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Blogging is constantly on my "things I'm doing but should really be doing something else" list. Fun times.

I must commend you on the range and number of books you've posted under your "current reads" section. Wish I could be more devoted to literature.