Thursday, December 3, 2009

heart home

Well, I almost made it out of Utah without getting sick...but not quite. Hawaii and home are just fourteen hours from here, and now that the end is drawing nigh, it can't come fast enough.

By the way, how are we not traveling via teleportation these days? It's 2009 for crying out loud.


Missa said...

Oh no, traveling is so not fun when sick. I'm sure the good ol' Hawaiian sunshine will have you ship shape in no time though!

Both Lucas and Clover are nursing colds right now. Thus far my iron immune system is holding out, knock on wood.

Julie said...

I must admit your levi jacket may have been the culprit of your sickness-I do believe they only make one colder! I am glad you are glad you are heading home-although that does not make me very glad.

leah said...

happy travels to you. warmmmmmmm. lucky you. and hopefully, your goody box you won a while back should be awaiting your arrival.