Saturday, December 5, 2009

something new

I couldn't stand seeing that ivy first thing anymore so you get some feet and a little moss instead.

The light parade is tonight. Last year I found a spot right in front of the men selling hot malasadas -- going to try for that again.


tigerstolilies said...

never knew about the light parade in hawaii! i'd be so there too if i was there! have fun :)

Annette said...

Hahaha "flabless?" don't you mean " fabuless?" so you can be less fabulous an make the rest of us feel decent? You're too fabulous and that's all there us too it !

Anonymous said...

Hello there!

It's a bit delayed [finals are in the mix] but I'm happy to say that I finally was able to tend to the giveaway and you are going to receive a small package from me!! I just need your snaily mail address. :) You can find my email on my blog, and thanks again for participating. :)